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    Would you like to reduce your company’s model-pattern costs and speed up your production processes? With our twenty years of knowledge and experience, the online PATTERN STORE is at your service to meet the model shop needs of ready-to-wear / apparel businesses.
  • Ready to Use Model – Pattern Service
    You can find computer-aided ready-made models and patterns for women / men / children with one click and start production.

    Our online ready-made model and pattern collection consists of both trendy and timeless clothing models.

    You can benefit from the following services with our ready-made model and pattern service:
    • Model / Pattern Selection
    • Size Selection
    • Lay Selection
    • Size Chart
  • Order Model – Pattern Service
    Firmanızın ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda aşağıdaki modelhane işlemleriyle ilgili her türlü sipariş alınır
    • Model / Pattern Designing and Preparation
    • Grading, Marking
    • Laying
    • Pattern and Lay/Mark Plotting
    Orders prepared specially for you by our expert modelists with computer aided systems are sent as drawings by cargo or by email in formats suitable for your CAD/CAM systems.

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